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                Welcome to Wuxi Taihu Boiler Co., Ltd. Website!     English Website     中文網站
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                【Our corporate spirit is】
                Build up the brand of HU MEI (beautiful lake) and strive to be the nation’s number one.
                【Our business conception】
                Make our best effort to render light and heat for our customers.
                【Our quality policy】
                Take the customer expectations as the guide, manufacture with best care all kinds of boiler products of safety, reliability and advanced features. With PDCA cycle we will persist in continuous improvement of product/service quality to meet customer needs in a comprehensive manner.
                【Our business policy】
                Customer satisfaction is our greatest wish.
                ABOUT US
                WUXI TAIHU BOILER CO., LTD is located in the Nanquan Town, Binhu District, Wuxi City, a highly developed city, both economically and academically, with long history and beautiful scenery. The company is next to the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal and Shanghai-Nanjing expressway, G312 State Highway and Wuxi Sunan International Airport, having convenient transportation either by land, water or air.
                Coal-fired Boiler Series
                Oil(Gas)-fired boiler
                Power plant boiler
                Refuse incinerator
                Special fuel-fired boiler
                CONTACT US
                Address: No.15, Fangquan Road, Nanfangquan Town, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China  Post Code: 214128
                Contact:Mr.Cai 18961802555
                Tel: +86-0510-85952083 85951018
                Fax: +86-0510-85952083
                Bank account:32001617144050095822
                E-mail: taihu@taihu.sina.net
                Copyright(c) WUXI TAIHU BOILER CO., LTD. All reserved.
                SU ICP 05011015